BUSINESS Development

Business development refers to building and managing strategic plan,relationships and alliance with clients or other company to develop growth in business. It is a combination strategic analysis, marketing and sales of products or services.

The roles of business development professional are:-

  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Finding ways to reach existing markets by gathering information about competitor’s strategies, pricing and so on.
  • Identifying possible ways on how to increase sales and revenue for the company
  • Negotiating deals and managing client or partner relationship
To start your career in business development you will need to polish your understanding and analyzing skills. You will need excellent communication and analytical skill while negotiating with client or company. Our course module will strengthen your core abilities,leadership skills,interpersonal skills and communication skills. This course is an important part of preparing global managers for the industry.

Our course modules include

  • Overview of business development and operations
  • Creating a effective business message
  • Business planning and resource gathering
  • Research and development
  • Financial planning
  • Structuring and managing strategic alliances
  • Using networking to find new clients
  • Creating the right first impression
  • Negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Working with different personality clients
  • Influencing client decision
  • Marketing and commercialization
  • Presenting for sales and profits
Note: Our expert trainers will quote case study for better understanding of the topic.

As the economy is improving there will be extensive growth in business development careers in various industries like information technology, pharmaceuticals, and textiles and so on. If you are interested in our business development course training